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Best Cycling Areas In Your City

#tracks&trails Hero Cycles Team | Dec 10, 2020


Best Cycling Areas In Your City

The best way to explore your city is to cycle through its streets. Cycling is also a great recreational activity. So, if you have been thinking of cycling away from familiar routes, we have compiled a list of best areas in your city where you can enjoy long hours of cycling with your friends.


The national capital is known for its friendly cycling community. Step out in the morning and you will find hundreds of cyclists pedalling around India Gate, Rajpath and Rashtrapati Bhawan. Apart from these popular areas, other areas are-

1.Aravali Trails- It is the perfect route for cyclists who want to ride off-road. The trail is full of majestic plants and animals. 

2.Dhaula Kuan to 11 Murti on Sardar Patel Marg- While riding from Dhaula Kuan to 11 Murti, you will encounter a mild downhill that makes pedalling easy. You will also love the speed you gain on this stretch.

3.Sanjay Van- This 20 km cycling track is equipped with a smooth road and entrances from all four sides. Visit this place and you will spot beautiful purple sunbirds, crested honey buzzards, and Indian paradise flycatchers. 



If you are looking for an alternative to gym or simply want to explore the beauty around Bangalore, don’t fret. Step out with your cycle on these safe and rider-friendly routes.

1.Cubbon Park- This is the best cycling route for people who want to go for short rides. This route is blessed with wide roads and good visibility.

2.Jayanagar- It is a route with not too many turns. This 10km straight road is surrounded by a lush green cover.

3.Ride to Nandi Hills-  If you wish to build your endurance, try cycling on this route. It is bound to fill you up with a great riding experience.



The city of dreams is building India’s first longest cycling route between Wadala and Mulund. While this project will take a lot of time to materialise, you can ride your cycle in these areas- 

1.Marine Drive to Fort- If you want to enjoy a long ride as well as enjoy the wholesome beauty of nature, hop onto your cycle and ride on this 15-km stretch from Marine Drive to Fort. You will also get to savour the Victorian architecture all along the way.

2.Aarey Milk Colony to Goregaon- Surrounded by Aarey forests, this is a perfect getaway for cyclists who wish to enjoy the green cover. You can also carry your breakfast along with you!

3.Uttan to Manori- It is a great cycling route, full of picturesque landscape. One of the biggest advantages of taking this cycling route is that you won’t find any annoying bikers or car drivers honking around.



After Mumbai, Chennai is the most cycle-friendly city in the country. If you love cycling and want to explore the bustling city in the morning, hop onto your cycle and visit these areas-

1.Elliot’s Promenade- If you want to have coffee or any other refreshment after cycling, you must visit this cycling route which has plenty of cafes.

2.Santhome to Anna Square (Marina Promenade)- Covering the whole length of the Marina Beach, the promenade has a dedicated service road for walkers and cyclists, making it the best cycling route in Chennai.

3.Parry’s Corner to Madras University through Napier Bridge

After Marina Promenade this is one of the most preferred routes for cycling. Its roads are wide and the entire stretch gives off a great historical vibe.


Now that you know all the routes, hop onto your cycle and ride on these routes. You can also share the best cycling routes in your city. Happy cycling!