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“Time to City Hop!”

A quick solo outing on my Milano is the new thing. It’s lightweight, easy to manage in city traffic, but strong enough to handle bumps and cracks. And keeps me fit too!​

  • Mannat Sandhu
  • Delhi
Bikers Speak


“My cool new 2-wheels!”

I push my cycle through all sorts of roads and trails in and around the city. Its tough frame can definitely take a beating and the brakes work like a charm.

  • Agam Jindal
  • Gurgaon
Bikers Speak


“Pretty and cute.”

I love my new Angel because OMG it’s cute. Super fun to ride, the easy step frame is an absolute delight. I am totally in love with cycling.

  • Nandini Sharma
  • New Delhi
Bikers Speak


“Saddle it Up!”

The perfect way to explore the way is on the saddle. And with this cycle’s awesome frame, suspension and brakes, nothing seems impossible.

  • Sparsh Jain
  • New Delhi
Bikers Speak


“Let’s Hustle with Hero Sprint!”

Husting it out with my new riding buddy. High powered gear system, strong frame, suspension and so much more, makes it a reliable companion for a cyclist like me, as I am always on the go.​

  • Lakshay Jangid
  • New Delhi
Bikers Speak


“ Two Pros come together”

Amazing color, 21 speed gears, lightweight frame and so much more. Been using over a year, and it’s a dream to handle and ride. Hustle it out, highly recommend it to all.​

  • Sarthak Chhibber
  • Gurgaon
Bikers Speak


“ Go Green with Hero”

Amazing quality, the perfect way to explore the way is on the saddle with my Hero Cycle. Right price, amazing customer service and a step towards a greener world.

  • Sakshi Grover
  • Delhi


Which Is The Best Cycles Brand In India?

Hero Cycles easily takes the crown for being the best cycles brand in India. Ever since its inception in 1956, the proudly Indian brand has grown to become synonymous with cycles and the top manufacturer in India, having produced over 167 million cycles in 2020!

How Much Does A Hero Cycle Cost?

There’s no simple answer to that as Hero Cycles has an astoundingly wide range of cycles for you to buy. Hero Cycle price starts from as low as 3,000 for kids cycles to over 50,000 (built for sports and adventure), and everything in between! Gauge your preferences and requirements, we know we have the perfect cycle for you!

How Many Gears Are There In Hero Sprint?

The Hero Sprint cycles are equipped with a 21-speed gearbox, offering you unmatched control over the cycle no matter the terrain. That being said, if you’re looking for cycles without gear, you can get them too.

Which Is The Best Hero Cycle Under 10000?

Here are some of the best Hero Cycles you can buy under ₹10000:

  • Hero Sprint Voltage 27.5T
  • Hero Sprint Monk 26T
  • Hero Sprint Muve 26T
  • Hero Sprint X-Factor 26T