Hero Cycles has been a bonfire brand, which through its range of bicycles has been a social glue bringing people together, and being much more than a means of commuting from point A to point B. Today cycling represent Fitness, Smart Commute, a better choice, it represents a better tomorrow and so much more.

FITTR is one of the largest and fastest growing community-based health & fitness app which helps converting one’s fitness aspirations into reality.

Hero Cycles has joined hands with FITTR to bring to you the benefits of cycling. The idea is to introduce how cycling is a holistic fitness tool that helps you in achieving your fitness goals. These goals could include – losing weight, increasing endurance, strengthening lower body, controlling diabetes, blood pressure, heart rate and so much more.

WHO recommends that adults aged 18-64 years should indulge in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity throughout the week. A daily cycle ride of just 20 minutes is sufficient to achieve this target.

With the interest on fitness & immunity now centre stage due to pandemic and focus on healthy lifestyle, the world is moving towards fitness from home and with a cycle which is a holistic tool to physical and mental fitness- Getting fit at the comfort from home with a simple and stress free routine has never been easier – so start pedalling now !!!

Benefits of cycling

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